Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Wish I was in Dixie...Hooray, Hooray!

Hello all my fantastically chilled-to-the-bone friends! I've got some warm and wonderful news- and an opportunity to plan for some warm fun! I'm so excited to be teaching in Dixie - Art Is You style!!!

If you ever wondered what the Ar...t IS YOU movement is all about- Now is your chance! We really want to spread the word about the magic that is Art is You - Mixed Media Art Retreats! Art-Is You Art Retreats is generously offering a very nice coupon for a short time:

Here's the deets:

Run over to and register for one of MY classes and use the EVENT Code: KARI - to receive $60 discount off of your registration!!! The Event Code is entered on page two of the registration forms and this is good for Dixie only. This code is limited to the first 12 people so don't miss out! First come, First Served!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Crazy Schedules

Okay, so I know I said I was going to reduce.  And I meant it.  I DID manage to reduce what I spent on art supplies for the month of January- so that is something!  And I DID reduce the amount of food in my deep freezer- using up what I had took some creative menu planning!  I also tore through a stash of older bits and chunks of polymer clay I had in various baggies around the studio, and created tons of clay babies.

My friend Nate had come on the 22nd of December and I took him for surgery on the 23.  Christmas, A serious eye problem, Shingles, Bronchitis and a promotion and new position for Mike ate up almost all of January!  (I also reduced my stress level by embracing letting things that are not critical go. ie: I still have my Christmas tree up!)  So all told, to get as much done as I did, I'm giving myself a B.

But I think I get a D in reducing my crazy schedule!  But I love what I do so much!!!

First off, I'm beside myself with glee, my best Aussie bud Jen Crossley is coming to stay tomorrow!  Woot Woot!  So begins another epic Bugle adventure!

We can't wait, because almost as soon as she gets here we are headed up north to our beloved  Smitten Dust to see our friend Dusty in Dimondale, Michigan!  3 days and nights of teaching there will only whet our appetites!  This place is so charming we always get a bit weepy to leave:)  We always feel a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole there- magic, charming friends and good munchies abound! We can't wait to hang with our pals on the moustache brigade!

Here is a sneak peek at the Pocket Fribbles we will be creating in my class at Smitten Dust!

Lucky gals that we are, we will also mosey down the road a piece to see our friend Susan Pickering Rothamel's brand new digs at USArtQuest and Art Papers Online!  We are so honored to teach there, in the brand new space- we can't wait to see it!  A snowstorm in November prevented me from visiting earlier, or I would have seriously cut into my Christmas budget once I get in the same room with those beautiful papers!  How good does this place have to be that I am willing to go NORTH in the middle of the coldest winter this area has had in 30 years???

At USArtQuest I'll be teaching my Delectable Doodles class, and also my Moodling class- two of my all-time favorites!  Plus will all the delicious USArtQuest products to choose from, we may just even go a little further into crazy product play!

Barely home from the Arctic tundra up north, we turn right around and teach at Artiscape in Dublin Ohio! I'm a 10 year veteran, and Jen teaches there for the first time.  She went with me last year, and so she KNOWS how good it is!  So many of our friends teach there- it's such a lovely event!

You'll find me teaching 3 classes- Gelli Print Joy,

Floral Fling paintings,

and Power Word Decks:)

Some time before Jen heads back down under, we also have to fit in a private workshop- good thing she'll be back again in the fall:)  I think 30 days is not enough!

Then WHOOSH- February will be reduced to days gone by!  I mean REALLY!  How can it possibly be the second week of February already?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye and Good Riddance 2013

Happy New Year my friends!  

This year has been wonderful and trying, as all life is.  I had wonderful adventures with my art friends all over, and a smashing good time with Jen Crossley as she visited early this year and again later this fall.  My Video "Backgrounds to Bindings" with Cloth Paper Scissors was released, as well as several pieces of my art in various magazines.  Getting to spend time with friends Dusty DeHaven, Kristen Robinson, Ruth Rae, Jen Cushman and Elena Etcheverry, Pam Carriker, MaryBeth Shaw, JoAnne Sharpe, Stephanie Rubiano and others truly was a blessing! Spending time with cousins Wendy Richards and Laura Miller has also been a treat!  

Teaching in France and vending at the Columbus Ohio and Atlanta Georgia Country Living Fairs have blew me away- made all the more special by spending extra time with friends Shelly Grim, Christy Grant, Shari Replogle and Paula Marquis.

The serious health issues plaguing me the end of this year has made me anxious for the new year to begin all fresh and new!  Some great things to look forward to- another visit from my bestie from down under-Jen Crossley--guaranteed good times!  New venues to teach for! Working on my own book!  Several Art Faires to vend and enjoy.  And organization!  I am looking forward to organization.  

2013 had me traversing the nation, and indeed the continents teaching.  I was home less than 3 months, and therefore my house and studio has taken an incredible hit organizationally!  I have made a plan to conquer this in 2014.  I am planning to use this blog as an accountability record both artistically and organizationally.

I have chosen a guide word to help me through 2014.  That word is:

Reduce ~ Reduce ~ Reduce
I'm thinking about so many areas of life!  Reducing my art stash.  As an instructor, I tend to collect in multiples for students.  This year I will be purging my stash (hint hint- might be a good year to take classes with me!)  Reducing my art stash will reduce clutter in my home and studio.

Reducing what I spend on art supplies.  This one will be tough.  It is not unusual for me to spend over 300$ a month on art supplies.  This year I am challenging myself to spend no more than 30$ a month (except for workshop supplies.)  I feel it will help challenge me to use what I have in different ways.  It will force me to become more creative.  (Plus it will help reduce the stash!)  As a bonus, I am going to try and spend 0$ on art supplies for the first 3 months of the year.

Reducing my to-do list.  Whether that means re-evaluating or actually finishing some of these things, it will happen.

Reducing the more than 400 emails a day that get backed up in my email folder.  Unsubscribe will be my friend.  Mass newsletters that answer the same questions, and other means of consolidating to help me not dread turning on the computer.

Reducing the time spent away from home- which will probably also help reducing my to-do list!

If all this can come together, I am hoping my health issues will reduce!

Anyway, I will be holding myself accountable and posting successes and failures alike here if you want to journey along with me in 2014.

(This is the ugly effect of being away from home more than 9 months of the year!  Studio stash out of control!- but I have a plan!)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Smitten Dust here I come!

So excited to be joining the gang at Smitten Dust again!  Its been a few months and many many miles since I was there last, and I can't wait to see Dusty DeHaven and her wonderful helper elves once more:)  So today and tomorrow consist of me finishing up the packing and kits, so that I can load the car on Wednesday and be ready for my trip north bright and early on Thursday.

I would love to see you stop by and visit me, but more importantly, I would love for EVERYONE to experience the magic of Smitten Dust!  If you love creativity at all, this wonderful, magical place should be at the top of your bucket list!  

Not only is the studio itself absolutely darling, but the town of Dimondale is wonderful too.  Simply charming, with its picturesque river running right through the middle of town, it's lovely to stroll.  Then for Smitten Dust to be situated RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the local ice cream joint?  HEAVEN.  Not to mention the family run restaurant that makes all it's own breads fresh each day just down the street...

Let's just talk about our charming hostess for a moment.  Dusty DeHaven.  Artist extraordinare in her own right.  But fun loving, generous, witty and clever.  She puts the mostest into hostess.  Always unique and comfortable, you walk away knowing you've just met someone magical...and the fact that she looks like a rockin' vintage heroine proves it.  Dusty has a wonderful (beyond wonderful) set of friends and helpers that help keep the studio running like a well oiled machine.  Each one more lovely than the next, they all just fit so perfectly.  The fact that I've been on the road so incredibly much this year, and yet CAN'T WAIT to visit a second time this year should speak volumes for how much fun this place is!  

So on with the deets:
November 8 - 10, 2013
SmittenDust Studio (257 S. Bridge St., Dimondale, MI).

To register       Dusty's email 
For more info     Smitten Dust blog

They offer exciting, national-caliber, quality art event, yet keep the costs down to local level pricing.  No kit fees!  

From Frumpy to Fantasy
Friday, November 8 from 10 - 4:30, $80

Eyes are windows to the soul, and the key to an interesting painting. We will look into what give faces spark and life. 

No previous drawing or painting skills are required to create a painting full of magnetism and energy.  With a bit of magic we’ll create beautiful painterly, charismatic faces.  
3D embellishments adorn our beauties, giving them a sensual allure that captivates and charms our viewers.   

This is a brand new workshop- first time offered anywhere!  

Supplies you will need to bring:

Apron, water container, a few paint brushes, A canvas OR canvas board (At least 8 x 8), gel medium, scissors, Exacto knife and cutting mat.  A few colors of fluid acrylic paint, A small selection of embellishments.  Baby wipes.  A large selection of different faces will be provided, but you may bring your own if you wish- (Toner and at least 2 copies of the image at least 6 inches tall.)  

Power Word Deck
Friday, November 8 from 6 - 9, $45
Feel your handwriting keeps you from art journaling? Don’t like the look of your handwriting?   No more worries! No drawing or calligraphy skills required!  
This stress free class is the perfect for a Friday night intro to creating your own unique and beautiful writing style to incorporate into your art pieces!  You will learn how to make your own tools to ease this process.   

Kari’s step by step demos and visual aids make it all so simple and enjoyable. Once you’ve created the masters, you can copy and resize and seamlessly incorporate into your future projects in a blink of an eye! 

The bonus to this workshop are the sexy tips and tricks that enable you to use your writing on canvases and journals without risking beautiful backgrounds you’ve already made!

Supplies you will need to bring:  scissors, pencil, kneaded eraser, Twin Tip Sharpie

Gelli Printing Joy
Saturday, November 9 from 10 - 4:30, $85
Gelatin printing is quickly becoming one of the keystone building blocks of the entire mixed media movement- jump in now and join the fun!  Kari will walk you through all the steps, unlock all the secrets about how to make your own printing plates, how to use them, and what to do with the wonderful stash of papers it creates!   
Monoprints without a press!!  This is a stress free, joyful class, that will inspire your work for years to come.  True to Kari’s nature, she will share new ways to use your stamps and stencils.   

Kari will be bringing her own line of polymer stamps for all to use and enjoy in this workshop.**A special bonus of this class is we will also explore printing Christmas and holiday cards, tags and wrapping papers**

Supplies you will need to bring:

Apron, baby wipes, a brayer to use in paint, a few colors of acrylic paint, small bottle matte medium (liquidy), scissors

a Gelli plate, please bring it.  
IF YOU DO NOT have a Gelli Plate, PLEASE let us know at the time of registration.  We'll have a gelatin printing plate made for you to use during class.

IF YOU WANT TO BUY a Gelli Plate, you may use the coupon code KARI13 for 15% off at USARTQUEST 
(And USArtQuest is a Michigan-based company, I might add!)
IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A GELLI PLATE IS please email Dusty (your secret is safe with me) 

 Relic Rings and Things
Saturday, November 9 from 6-9, $37

Unearth the rustic beauty of polymer clay! 
 We will explore mold-making, using found objects, vintage jewelry and recently discovered treasures to enhance our rings/pins/button covers and barrettes.  

No previous sculpting or jewelry making skills needed.  
Angels Among Us
Sunday, November 10 from 10 - 4, $80
Celebrate the holidays with your own happy little angel!

These canvases are sure to become a favorite. 
Kari’s tips and tricks make it easy for anyone to create these charismatic creatures - even if they’ve never played with clay before.   
The glazing techniques give the canvases a richness and depth, accentuating the wonderful patterning and personalities.

Supplies you will need to bring: 
All supplies provided, other than an apron and a smile!

I hope to see you there:)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Jane Prater from Charlotte North Carolina!  You won my Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop Giveaway!   

Send me your deets:)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop

I've been away from home so much this year, that I'm really really missing my studio time.  Over on the Sketchbook Challenge Blog, I talked about some of the things about my studio that make me feel cozy and comfortable and allow me to create more freely.  If you want a closer peek, pop on over.

I've been making art in hotel rooms most of this year.  It's been fine, and I've really enjoyed my busy schedule teaching.  But I really really miss my inspiration boards and all my color coordinated stash from home!

I separate everything by color.  Paper, Threads, Markers, Pencils, Paints.  It helps me work faster.  I can just hold a piece up to my ribbon caddy and see what looks good with it, rather than pulling piece after piece and trying it.  Paper too.  I just pull the entire drawer out and put it on the table if I know I need blue.  I can sort thru the blues easily to find just the right shade.

But my inspiration boards are a tumbling rumbling active force in the studio.  No matter what direction I look, I am rewarded by glimpses of friends work, articles or postcards I love.  Mike and I've made my boards ourselves.  Most of them I found antique frames, and painted them to match the color of the walls.  Mike attached chicken wire, or metal to the back to make clip boards and magnetic boards.  I dug out my most treasured antique buttons and hot glued them to magnets, and now I can look at them daily!  I painted clothespins to match the frame color, and they work great with the chicken wire.  Mike also made me floor to ceiling bookshelves, and we wrapped rigid house insulation in muslin.  Attached to either side of the bookcase, I now have 2 floor to ceiling pin boards.

Finally, we found vintage spice racks, and painted them the color of the walls, and filled them with my beads!

So IF you've hung on this long, here's the scoop-
Leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post with your favorite home organization tip for a chance to win a DVD copy of my "Backgrounds to Bindings" Cloth Paper Scissors Video Workshop.

On the 26th, I'll randomly draw the name of the winner and announce it.  Make sure I have your email contact information!

Here's a quick link so you can visit some of my fabulous friends!
Sept 9 - Gina Lee Kim
Sept 10- Jacqueline Newbold 
Sept 11 Sue Bleiweiss  
Sept 12 – Jackie Bowcutt
Sept 13th Kristin La Flamme  
Sept 15Lyric Kinard
Sept 16 Terry Grant
Sept 17Carol Sloan 
Sept 18- Leslie Tucker Jenison  
Sept 19 Lesley Riley  
Sept 20 Traci Bunkers  
Sept 21 Lynn Krawczyk
Sept 22 Desiree Habicht
Sept 23 – Jamie Fingal  
Sept 24 Mary Beth Shaw 
Sept 25 Kari McKnight-Holbrook  
Sept 26 – Deborah Boschert  
Sept 27Susan Brubaker Knapp  
Sept 28Laura Cater Woods  
Sept 29Jane LaFazio  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop-Giveaway

Hello to one and all!  This month is the Blog hop for Sketchbook Challenge, and I'm so happy to be a part of such a fantastic group of artists/educators, that I will be doing a give away!  I'll be giving away a copy of my Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop Video "Backgrounds to Bindings."  That way, you too can stay home in your comfy jammies and make sketchbooks and play along with us!

So- to ENTER TO WIN my giveaway, On the 25th of September, come back and leave a comment here on this blog -(make sure I have a way to contact you email wise).  On the morning of the 26th, I'll print all the comments out, cut them apart, and put them into a hat.  Mike will draw the winning number, and we'll post it here:)

While you are waiting, take a peek at some of the amazing art going around!

Sept 9 - Gina Lee Kim
Sept 10- Jacqueline Newbold 
Sept 11 Sue Bleiweiss  
Sept 12 – Jackie Bowcutt
Sept 13th Kristin La Flamme  
Sept 15Lyric Kinard
Sept 16 Terry Grant
Sept 17Carol Sloan 
Sept 18- Leslie Tucker Jenison  
Sept 19 Lesley Riley  
Sept 20 Traci Bunkers  
Sept 21 Lynn Krawczyk
Sept 22 Desiree Habicht
Sept 23 – Jamie Fingal  
Sept 24 Mary Beth Shaw 
Sept 25 Kari McKnight-Holbrook  
Sept 26 – Deborah Boschert  
Sept 27Susan Brubaker Knapp  
Sept 28Laura Cater Woods  
Sept 29Jane LaFazio